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Hytolive® Infinity

Hytolive® Infinity is an unique olive fruit extract rich in natural hydroxytyrosol that can be incorporated into any source of edible oils, including omega-3 (fish, krill, algae) and seeds oils (high oleic sunflower, grape seed, canola, soy, etc.). Hytolive® Infinity opens an unlimited world of applications in lipids, offering infinite possibilities of applications.

The ingestion not only of essential fatty acids but also the right balance of fatty acids is crucial for optimal health. Functional oils are being increasingly requested by consumers. The incorportation of natural hydroxytyrosol, the antioxidant natural essence of EVOO, into these oils contribute to reinforce them.

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Genosa Hytolive Powder

Hytolive® Powder

A powder appearance product, especially inidicated for dietary supplements in capsules, pills, tablets, etc.

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Genosa Hytolive Soft

Hytolive® Soft

A powder appearance product, formulated to be incorporated in softgel capsules, together with liquids.

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Genosa Hytolive Syrup

Hytolive® Syrup

Watersoluble honey that can be added to beverages and foods.

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Genosa Aquaolive


Water and fat soluble honey that can be added to vegetable oils.

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Genosa Aquaolive


Olive extract rich in natural hydroxytyrosol that can be incorporated into any source of edible oils.

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Other solutions

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Genosa Hytolive Infinity Omega

Hytolive® Infinity Omega

EPA and DHA from marine sources (fish, krill and microalgae) have demonstrated to support heart health, brain health and eye health, among others.
EFSA has backed their contribution to the maintenance of normal blood tryglicerides levels, blood pressure and function of the heart. The combination of EPA/DHA and natural hydroxytyrosol is, with no doubt, an ideal complementary combination, not only for heart health but also for many benefits. It is the combination of two of the essences of Mediterranean Diet. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural solution.

Genosa Hytolive Infinity HOSO

Hytolive® Infinity HOSO

The high oleic sunflower oil is an important source of oleic acid (omega-9) that also contains high levels of vitamin E. The addition of natural hydroxytyrosol would reinforce the benefits of this oil and would provide a synergistic antioxidant activity with alpha-tocopherol.

Genosa Hytolive Infinity GSO

Hytolive® Infinity GSO

Grape seed oil is a vegetable oil with a high composition in tocotrienols and a low amount of saturated fatty acids. Its high content in linoleic acid requires natural antioxidants to be protected.