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Hytolive®: What is it?

It is a natural extract from the olive fruit (not the olive leaf) with a high level of natural hydroxytyrosol, obtained with the sole use of physical and mechanical processes. NO solvents are used. The resulting product is 100% natural, as it is found in Nature.

Hytolive® is being used as complement in a large number of products (dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, and cosmetics), in all continents.

Hytolive® is a recognized global brand, used in many countries by leading companies, in the food and dietary supplements area, who trust the safety and quality provided by Genosa and its products.

Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives protect blood lipids from oxidative stress.

There are many potential applications, with Genosa having significant experience in most of them. Whether included in a juice or cooked at high temperatures, its organoleptical characteristics are kept when using recommended doses.

Hytolive® has been prepared in four versions:

Genosa Hytolive Powder

Hytolive® Powder

A powder appearance product, especially inidicated for dietary supplements in capsules, pills, tablets, etc.

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Genosa Hytolive Soft

Hytolive® Soft

A powder appearance product, formulated to be incorporated in softgel capsules, together with liquids.

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Genosa Hytolive Syrup

Hytolive® Syrup

Watersoluble honey that can be added to beverages and foods.

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Genosa Aquaolive


Water and fat soluble honey that can be added to vegetable oils.

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Genosa Aquaolive


Olive extract rich in natural hydroxytyrosol that can be incorporated into any source of edible oils.

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Why Hytolive®

According to the International Trade Commission and USDA-Foreign Market Service PSD online, the olive oil consumption in the world has been growing at high rates over the last 10 years. As an example, US consumption of olive oil has tripled since 1992. As a comparison, during the same period, consumption of orange juice even declined.

  • We offer a high purity natural hydroxytyrosol.
  • We only use physical and mechanical processes: 100% natural.
  • We have a clean and patented technology: NO use of solvents or additives.
  • It is obtained directly from the olive fruit, and not from the olive leaf.
  • It is free of pesticides (mostly present in olive leaves).
  • It is HALAL and KOSHER certified.
  • It is safe: GRAS certified (generally recognized as safe) in US.
  • It is a brand used by pharmaceutical multinationals and companies from many parts of the world, who have a firm confidence in Hytolive®'s quality and effectiveness.
  • Hytolive® is competitive.
  • We have ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.
  • It is NOT GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

Because the human body needs the intake of natural, safe and active antioxidants to reinforce our endogenous defensive system. It helps preventing from the undesirable effects of free radicals and chronic inflammatory consequences.

Because, as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) advises, the intake of hydroxytyrosol contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress, a key risk factor of cardiovascular disorders.

Because consumers are more and more taking control of their own health and demand safe and scientifically supported dietary supplements, which contribute to improve their quality of life.

Why Genosa

We are specialized in hydroxytyrosol with more than a decade experience. The founders and most of the team have been with the company since inception.

We pursue innovation and permanent excellence.

We aim to be very close to our customers, showing empathy and trying to understand their needs and issues.

Genosa's main production sites are in the heart of Andalusia (Spain), the most important olive oil production region in the world.

We use a new clean and patented technology, avoiding the use of solvents: 100% naturally processed.