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Impact on the olive sector and society

Olive fruit is a food with an enormous nutritional value that has been present in our society for many centuries. It is mostly used to elaborate olive oil, but it also generates approximately 5/6 millions tons of by-products. Until recently, society was not able to derive any value from these by-products, less so for human health.

Furthermore, these by-products represented an important environmental issue, since it was expensive to dispose them. Nowadays, there are specialized companies using some of these by-products to generate electricity (biomass electricity generation) or fertilizers.

Sustainable and respectful process employing a by-product from the olive fruit that would otherwise be, eliminated.

Genosa is hydroxytyrosol

Since the origins of olive trees cultivation to date, olive oil has been "the main product" derived from the olive fruit. Progress in research and innovation have found that other components, like hydroxytyrosol, can have a principal role. This research shows that hydroxytyrosol could have a promising future in a near term.

This will mean a benefit for farmers and the entire society.

Exclusive process from the olive fruit