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Mission and Values

Genosa´s mission is to offer society purified natural extracts which can have a significant impact on people’s health.

We consider hydroxytyrosol the most relevant component of olive fruit and extra virgin olive oil, and therefore promote its goodnesses in the international markets.

Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives protect blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Genosa is committed to:

Continuous innovation

Genosa's main commitment is innovation. Our team is constantly searching for potential improvements in all areas. We also focus on the identification of new molecules and their extraction.

Genosa was born as a R&D Company with the aim of making feasible an unkown technology for the extraction of hydroxytyrosol from the olive fruit. At that time, the olive oil industry did not care about processing the remains from the olive oil production and, hence, the supply of raw material presented a strong barrier for us. Since, we have managed to produce hydroxytyrosol on an industrial level and now commercialize it worldwide. We believe that Hytolive® has the potential to become one of the most relevant and promising innovations in the olive oil sector.

Industrial production of hydroxytyrosol is probably the most important innovation that has taken place in the olive fruit industry over the last decade. In a near future, it may become the olive derivative generating most value added.

Hydroxytyrosol is the main orto-diphenol present in the olive fruit and is considered by many relevant scientists, an extremely promising molecule in the heart health area and other associated processes such as inflammation. In fact, it may address a large number of known diseases. Very important institutions like the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has advised its daily consumption, since it contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress.


Genosa has been dedicated to the research, industrial production and commercialization of olive fruit extracts rich in natural hydroxytyrosol for over 10 years. This has allowed us to be at the vanguard of innovation in this field.

Our specialization is highly valued by our customers and know that we can solve any doubt, challenge or unexpected event that could come up in our relations in a timely manner.

International approach

Despite being known foods and consumed by many different cultures, olive oil and table olives are not included in the daily diets of non-olive oil producer countries. Thus, complementing these diets with Hytolive® (Genosa's hydroxytyrosol commercial product) is an optimal way to allow these consumers benefit from its great qualities.

Genosa's products are sold in all the continents by a wide network of professional distributors. In fact, international sales account for over 90% of its revenues. Hytolive® is used as an active ingredient in functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals and cosmetics.

Food Safety

Safety is another important characteristic of our product: Hytolive® has specifically been declared as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) in the US.

All components in Hytolive® can be found in table olives. Each table olive we eat contains Hytolive® in a proportional concentration. By consuming daily Hytolive® instead of olives, you can avoid other olive fruit components, such as fats and salt, and just focus on the benefits of hydroxytyrosol.

Hytolive® is selectively concentrated and is delivered as it is in Nature.

Capacity and guarantee of supply

Capacity of supply is another critical point in purchasing decisions.

Genosa has a large expertise in the entire olive oil production process, allowing control of all major phases of the value chain. The raw material is located in Andalusia, the major international olive oil production region. Genosa has secured, from large olive oil producers, sufficient supply of olive raw material to address its current and future production needs.

Together with our partners, Genosa has developed a program called "Optilog" (logistic optimization), focused on production planning in an array of different scenarios. This tool allows us to deal even with sudden needs by large clients.

As a result, Genosa is marketing the product in all the continents and to customers with all kind of profiles, from pharmaceutical multinationals to medium/small size companies. Prior to becoming a client, most of these companies have performed strict industrial and operating audits.


Industrial production of Hytolive® brings to the public a new value added component of the olive fruit, with significant impact on improving human health. As Hytolive® becomes more popular, we believe it will contribute to better position the olive sector and society overall.

To obtain Hytolive® we only use physical and mechanical processes, in an environmentally sustainable and friendly way. At the same time, we are giving a new use to a raw material which otherwise would be eliminated.

Hytolive® is produced under the ISO 14001 certification, which guarantees that the Company follows an appropriate environmental management and production system.

Customer service

At Genosa, we attend all our customers with the same dedication and enthusiasm.

Genosa makes continuous efforts to become a reliable partner by its customers.

Our main objective is the immediate attention/response to any inquiry from customers. We have developed the "24AT" commitment. This means that Genosa commits to respond to our customers or future customers in less than 24 hours, regardless of the country where the customer is located.

Among other things, being an international focused Company means that our customers need to perceive our proximity and not bother about time differences. This is part of our compromise.

We try to adapt to the particular logistic needs, including packaging decisions, terms of delivery, technical supervision during the addition of our product, quality control, etc.

Quality control

We assure a strict quality control in every step of the production process, from supply to delivery of the product to the customer.

For the production of Hytolive®, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Human Team

Most part of team has been with Genosa since inception. We continue to be fully motivated, because we love our job as well as being able to contribute to the wellbeing of people. We are very involved in our customers´ success, including the development of application projects, supporting each R&D step and the marketing design of finish products.

At Genosa we believe in the continuous exchange of information, sharing of ideas and concepts and close relations with our distributors and customers. Without doubt, this policy will contribute to cross-fertilize each other and, eventually, to the success of products in different markets.

In a global market, distributors' and customers' trust is key.