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Who we are

Genosa is the worldwide innovator and pioneer company in the production and commercialization of natural hydroxytyrosol derived from the olive fruit. The company was founded in 2001 and has since dedicated significant human and financial resources to the production of high quality natural extracts and to the generation of value added for our customers and consumers.

Genosa has been the first company to introduce high purity natural hydroxytyrosol extracts derived from the olive fruit. Its technology consists of a process using just physical and mechanical means and has been patented internationally. No solvents are used to extract the hydroxytyrosol.

Hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives protect blood lipids from oxidative stress.

Genosa is Hydroxytyrosol

Most of scientific studies have been focused on the protective activity of virgin olive oil as a source of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid).

Some time ago, there were no technologies to isolate minor compounds found in olives and markets did not now the existence of these compounds.

Hydroxytyrosol is present in olives water phase after being milled, and also in lower amounts in extra virgin olive oil.

Hydroxytyrosol is known as one of the most antioxidant phenols as a free radical scavenger from a vegetable source. Research has been focused on its antioxidant properties, thanks to the potential of scavenging oxygen reactive species (ROS) and nitrogen (RONS). This activity is given as a consequence of the catechol group (ortho-diphenol) into its molecular structure.

Despite our body having its own internal antioxidant system, the ingestion of external antioxidants, under stressful situations, is seen as positive, because it helps to reduce oxidative stress and associated damages.

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Olives, a natural hydroxytyrosol source
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Hydroxytyrosol molecule